Out and about with cloth nappies

Recently on our social media we asked you what questions you had about cloth nappies, and over the next few weeks we will answer them! The first question is for cloth beginners – How do you use cloth nappies when you’re out and about? The key is to have a well packed nappy bag and… Read more »

Advice from a new mum [competition closed]


Mira Cossar is a photographer at little&kin and a first time mum to 7 month old Kyla. She has posted some of her experience on the Real Nappies social media pages. We asked her to share some advice from her journey so far and some of the products she has found to be essential. We… Read more »

How to Prepare for Baby Naturally


How to Prepare for Baby Naturally  Congratulations: you’re having a baby! Whether you decided to go green years ago or your new arrival has caused you to rethink the number of chemicals in your home and the impact you’re having on the earth, how to prepare for baby naturally can feel overwhelming. There are several… Read more »

Top 10 Natural Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas.

xmas baby

Is there anything more magical than baby’s first Christmas? Unless you’re the Grinch, the answer is no, because there are few things more wondrous than experiencing Christmas with your little one. December 25th is coming—in a matter of weeks, if you can believe it—so here’s our list of top 10 natural gifts for baby’s first Christmas. 10. Sophie… Read more »

Cloth Nappies with a Newborn

Have you thought about using cloth nappies but are in a panic about what to do, what you need and how to do it?  Well we were lucky enough to find a mum who has used Real Nappies cloth nappies from Day 1 and she was only too happy to share her experiences…  Click to… Read more »

Review on Indestuctibles Book – Baby Faces

REVIEW – INDESTRUCTIBLES BOOK   My seven month old little girl and I had the pleasure of reviewing an ’Indestructibles’ book titled ‘Baby Faces’. The book is essentially a picture book, with typically only one word per page, that is said to be indestructible – making it chew proof and rip proof. Prior to receiving… Read more »


Thanks for helping us win Gold! Real Nappies Wins Cloth Nappy Awards! We were absolutely thrilled to hear that we have won this year’s Cloth Nappy Awards in ALL 3 CATEGORIES we entered!

How Can I Potty Train My Toddler?

We get more and more phone calls and emails from parents with larger toddlers that do not fit into conventional disposables anymore, or from distressed parents that are spending a fortune on disposable pull ups or from parents that are trying to get their little ones toilet trained.  Here is a link to one such query from… Read more »

Brisbane PBC Show

Hi All, Real Nappies will again be at the Brisbane PBC Show this weekend (Fri-Sun). Come along for some great deals on our Award Winning Nappies. The best deal being our Birth to Potty Pack (sold loads http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/receta-viagra-casera in Sydney a few weeks back) – all the nappies you’ll ever need for your baby plus heaps of extras too and it’s guaranteed for two… Read more »

Adelaide PBC Show

Hello All, Just a quick post to let https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/citrate-sildenafil-naturel-tablets-100mg/ you all know Real Nappies will be at the Adelaide PBC Show from 22nd – 24th March. Come along and say hello and as usual we’ll be running all the show specials, the biggest being on our Birth to Potty Pack, which we’ll be selling for $480. Also if… Read more »

Our New Nappy Bags

Hey All, Here at Real Nappies we’ve started using re-usable nappy bags to package our buy levitra now london nappies in. We think they’re pretty cool……. So when you order one of our packs you will receive the nappies in a cotton drawstring bag. These bags can be re used for anything you like afterwards. May be to keep… Read more »

Do Cloth Nappies Cause Nappy Rash? NO!!

When little ones develop a rash commander sildenafil 100 vega on their bottom all too often it is referred to as Nappy Rash, when in http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/viagra-cialis-o-levitra http://www.viagragenericoes24.com/viagra-gel-en-france fact there could be any number of reasons: sweat rash teething rash heat rash thrush or being sensitive to detergent (Check out our list of recommended detergents here).