Thanks to all our wonderful Real Nappies fans, we’re making headlines!


Feb 26th 2014 WE WIN ALL 3 CATEGORIES! ‘Cloth Diaper Reviews’as voted for by you, Real Nappies win: fave prefold, fave nappy cover and fave swim nappy! Yay!
Feb 26th 2014 ‘Connected Mum’ trusts Real Nappies to keep her baby dry at night
Aug 23rd 2013 The Kardashian’s baby, North West, enjoying her prefold: )
Aug 2013 EMA Magazine talk about us : ) Page 20
July 12th 2013 ‘A Year with Mom & Dad’ think our nappies are essential!
June 28th 2013 Family Life in LV, tells you everything about RN prefolds, plus an awesome video on the folds : )
June 3rd 2013 ‘Stuff Parents Need’ are total converts to Real Nappies : )
May 17th 2013 Real Nappies Flushable liners are a must have cloth diaper accessory ‘According to Jenny’
May 16th 2013
Our Cloth Prefolds are a hit with ‘A Little Bit of It All’
April 11th 2013 Now Selling in Germany!
April 10th 2013 Named as essential for raising super natural babies : )
April 2013 Aussie Product Review
April 2nd 2013 Real Nappies: popular in Japan
March 2013 The Baby View love how trim Real Nappies are!
Feb 1st 2013 Amazon Recognition for Real Nappies
Jan 21st 2013 Record sales in Japan
Sep/Oct 2012 They’re loving us in Organic NZ Magazine! P.20
Aug 23rd 2012 10 days for us to reach Number One in Japan
Aug 14th 2012 We launch in Japan!
June 18th 2012 Our First Shipment on it’s way to Japan!
May 31st 2012 Our First Sale in Germany
May 16th 2012 Real Nappies: Real Access, Real Growth
May 3rd 2012 Pamper your Baby’ review the Birth to Potty Pack.
February 13th 2012 ‘The Bub Hub’ loving our Birth to Potty Pack.
February 2nd 2012 ‘GoGrahamGo’ describe Real Nappies as ‘Bullet Proof’.
Feb 2012 ‘Aussie product review’ think our nappies rock!
January 20th 2012 ‘Does Mommy Love it’: Yes she does!
2012 ‘The Baby View’ think we’re pretty cool!
December 8th 2011 ‘BabyMac’ video review of her fave cloth nappies
December 2rd 2011 Cyber Monday Record Sales of Birth to Potty Packs
October 12th 2011 ‘Darcy and Brian’ rave about prefolds
October 11th 2011 Real Nappies featured on ‘Baby Elan’
October 2011 select the Real Nappies snug wrap cover for it’s GOLD BOX special promotions
October 5th 2011 ‘The Nappy Bag’ chat about Real Nappies “
September 30th 2011 ‘Ecomomical me’ is loving Real Nappies
September 24th 2011 ‘Mama on a Green Mission’ love em!
July 21st 2011 This Whole Family’ love our Pink Nappy Covers!
June 10th 2011 ‘So Easy Being Green’ choose Real Nappies.
June 8th 2011 ‘Tot :Hot or Not’ think Real Nappies are HOT!
May 19th 2011 ‘’ loving Real Nappies
April 11th 2011 Jeremy ‘Meerkat’ Corbett Radio FM 91.8 : ‘Thanks for the nappies!!!! Luv it!”
April 5th 2011 USA love Real Nappies!
2011 ‘Baby Infant Diapers’ love our nappies r
March 25th 2011 ‘Cloth Nappy Reviews’ of our prefolds, for parents by parents
March 25th 2011 ‘Cloth Nappy Review’ of our Snug Wraps, for parents by parents
March 23rd 2011 ‘DiaperPin’ say Nappy Fresh removes the stinkies!
March 15th 2011 ‘Ayuwhat’ have been using Real Nappies Birth to Potty Pack since bubs was born
February 16th 2011 and the GOLD winners are…
2011 Real Nappies wins GOLD in OhBaby Awards
May 5th 2011 ‘Anything Baby’ Reviews our nappies
March 16th 2011 ‘Take time to Smell the Roses’ adore Real Nappies
Feb 27th 2011 ‘Anything Baby’ Review our Training Pants”
August 28, 2011 ‘Safe Mama’ recommends Real Nappies
January 2011 ‘Knocked up and Nursing’ are loving Real Nappies
December 14th 2010 ‘Lilac City Momma’ adores Real Nappies
December 13th 2010: ‘Kelly Wels’ talks about Real Nappies
October 13th 2010 YouTube Video Review ‘Are Real Nappies Snug Wraps Waterproof?’
October 28th 2010 ‘Mum+Toddler+Babe’ think Real Nappies Rock!
September 17th 2010 ‘Adventure Kids’ no leaks with Real Nappies
July 9th 2010 ‘The Eco Friendly Family’ love Real Nappies
May 2010 ‘Smonk You’ review us
April 26th 2010 ‘Dirty Diaper Laundry’ video review on Real Nappies
March 29th 2010 ‘Familylicious’ rave about Real Nappies
February 12th 2010 tries Real Nappies
March 27th 2010 ‘Zimbio’ review of Real Nappies
March 1st 2010 ‘Minnesota Mamas’ love Real Nappies
Jan 28th 2010 ‘The Shopping mama’ think we fit the bill of Unique and Fabulous things for your little ones
December 26th 2009 ‘Happily Domestic’ think our nappies rock
February 3rd 2009 Real Nappies launched in Hospitals
April 3rd 2008 Real Nappies trial at Waitakere Hospital