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Birth to Potty Pack

4.88 out of 5 based on 8 customer ratings
(8 customer reviews)


Earn up to 32 NappyBuxx.

Bubs on the way?

This pack has your baby covered from tiny to tall.




Getting started from day one

If you are planning to start using cloth nappies from the day bubs is born, the Birth to Potty Pack is the answer.

The birth to potty pack includes:

  • Cloth Nappy Inserts: 24 x Newborn, 24 x Infant, 18 x crawler, 12 x Toddler.  Super soft, breathable and divinely soft.  You will fall in love with our 100% cotton prefolds, soft and snug for a newborn to soft and super absorbent for a toddler. 
  • Real Snug Wraps: 6 x Newborn, 6 x Infant, 6 x Crawler, 5 x Toddler. Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug  and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.
  • Bioliner Nappy Liners: 8 packs of 100.  Make clean-up a breeze : flush the smells away with these super soft liners made of corn.
  • Nappy Fresh Sanitiser x 2.  We adore our gentle, eco whitener.  Sanitise and whiten baby’s nappies or clothes naturally.
  • Swim Nappy x 1.  Our super cool Splash Wraps are divine, super soft terry towelling keeps baby comfortable and gives mum peace of mind at the pool.
  • Night Time Booster Pads x 2.  Great for when baby is sleeping through the night and needs extra absorbency – these thirsty boosters will keep even the heaviest wetter comfortable and leak free till morning.
  • Helpful User Guide x 1.  In need of a H.U.G, we’ve got one all wrapped up in this delightful user guide.
  • Reusable Baby Wipes (Optional Extra to add at checkout).  25 cotton terry baby wipes, clean and mucky container, soaking oil. Chemical free alternative to disposable baby wipes.
Amazing deal at over 40% off the total retail value.
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Sit back and relax

As a parent to be you have enough to think about, which is why we invented our          Award-winning Birth to Potty Pack, we take the guesswork out of cloth nappies.  This pack contains all the supplies you’ll ever need to nappy your child from newborn till they are out of nappies!  Plus they are guaranteed for 2 babies!

Customise your pack

Don’t like white covers?  No problem, now you can customise your pack with the colours you want for NO extra cost!  Mix and match your covers with the following colours: blue, red, pink, black, orange or white covers. ((PLEASE NOTE: we do our best to supply the colours you request but these can not be guaranteed)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.41.44 pm

Shucks, now we’re blushing

The Real Nappies prefold system features a our award-winning 100% Indian cotton nappy prefold and award-winning waterproof PUL cover that fastens with velcro aplix enclosure at the waist. Stretchy elastic around the legs ensures the nappy stays snug on your child and won’t cause redness or rashing.  But don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews, or our smallest fan photos.

What goes in what?

Use our cotton nappy inserts inside the Snug wrap.  When wet or soiled, remove the cotton insert and pop in a new insert for a fresh change.  Use the same Snug Wrap though multiple changes.  You only need to change the outer cover when it is wet or soiled.

nappy system


The gentle stretch in our Snug Wraps means more comfort for baby.  The super waterproof covers teamed with divinely soft 100% cotton inserts are the perfect nappy solution.   Our fully breathable inserts are super absorbent plus no chemicals means less nappy rash for baby.

Just the right size.

The Real Nappies system has been designed to allow for a smooth transition from size to size, so as your baby grows, simply purchase the next size up and you’re all set.

sizing real nappies

built to last for 2 babies!

Real Nappies uses premium quality fabrics in all our Award-winning products, meaning superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.  We stand by all our products which is why we back them with a unique 2-child guarantee.

contents and care

Real Nappies prefolded inserts are made of 100% cotton, our waterproof covers are made of 2 layers of PUL sandwiched together.  Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry. Close tabs before washing.  Do not soak covers.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

  • Note: In order to further reduce waste we do not supply the outer cardboard packaging with this pack.  If this is a gift and you would like the cardboard packaging please request this at checkout.  All our cloth nappy inserts come ready packed in a reusable drawstring fabric bag.  



Jump in at any time

Already had bubs?  No problem you can switch to Real Nappies at any time, all you need are Nappy Covers (we suggest 6) and nappy inserts.  Part time or full time, we make Real Nappies easy to fit in with your lifestyle.


Additional information

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8 reviews for Birth to Potty Pack

  1. 4 out of 5

    Overall, we love our Real Nappies. As first time parents, we wanted to use cloth nappies and read lots of reviews to help us decide what to buy. Initially, we thought we would be annoyed by cloth nappying but would do it anyway, but we’ve been happily surprised at how easy nappying has been using Real Nappies. We just wash them every two to four days, and the flushable liner has made it so easy to clean them – no scraping/scrubbing/soaking needed. We like having just plain white nappy covers because our daughter can wear them under anything (even white leggings). Real Nappies seem to hold more than other cloth nappies we have tried, and we have hardly had any blow-outs with them. It is nice to have nearly everything you need for nappying with one purchase.

    The newborn nappies did stain some, as newborn stool is not firm enough for a liner to make sense. We purchased extra newborn diaper covers, and the ones we purchased separate from the birth to potty pack seem to have an elastic issue – the elastic is way tighter and cut off circulation to our baby’s legs. We ended up just using the covers that came with the pack, which was frustrating since we spent the money for extra covers to help with those early, sleepless days. Since then, we received another brand of covers as a gift, and they work well with the Real Nappies nappies. The other covers have snaps to alter the diaper to fit three sizes, which is nice – more eco-friendly to use the same cover and takes up less storage than needing an entirely new cover for each size change.

    Another cover issue we’ve had is that the Crawler size does not stay fastened. We thought the velcro would hold even better since the velcro band is wider for the Crawler size, but it seems to be WAY less sticky than the other covers. We are thinking maybe this is an issue with these particular covers since we haven’t had the issue with any of the other Real Nappies covers, so we did contact the company to see if it is fixable/replaceable with the two year warranty (will update when we hear back). Update: We heard back from Real Nappies in a timely fashion, and they were happy to replace both the newborn and crawler covers. We received the covers, and they are MUCH better! I think it must have just been an issue with the ones we happened to get. Definitely great customer service! In the meantime, it is extremely annoying, and we have mostly had to use the other brand of covers so we don’t end up with nappies falling off and more messes to clean than a baby already creates!

    Cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables, and Real Nappies are bulkier than some other cloth nappy brands, so sometimes we need to get a size larger for clothing than what our daughter would normally wear. In addition, our daughter has a super long body, so when you add the nappy bulk, we end up with sleepers that fit her body but are otherwise way too long. This is a trade-off for the Real Nappies absorbing more than other cloth nappies, and we have just gotten used to it (we buy stretchy pants (or boy pants!) instead of tailored ones). In addition to absorbing more, Real Nappies seem to be softer and less scratchy than the cloth nappies with the gauze-like inserts.

    In general, we are very pleased with our Real Nappies purchase, and they seem like affordable, quality made nappies that will last. L.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Firstly I wanted to let you know that I love your nappy system. My son has been in real nappies since he was six weeks old and he is now 2 1/2 yo and almost out of nappies completely. I have even had comments from his daycare (once they got used to the extra 3 seconds it takes to put them on) about how clean and fresh that always are compared to other brands of cloth nappies. Thanks, Anna.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Hi there,

    Just wanted to place some feedback on your nappies..

    I am super stoked and proud to have my newborn in your nappies from day 2! (His big sister was from 5 weeks as was tiny)..

    Your nappies are truly great. They breathe, fit tiny bums well, easy to wash and dry (even in this weather), and you don’t have to overuse barrier creams as never get rashs. (Which were worst for #1 in other nappies).

    They are literally bomb proof!

    I would be proud to be behind such a great product, that is doing so much for reducing landfill waste and helping the planet.

    Regards, Anneke

  4. 5 out of 5

    I bought the birth to potty pack before my baby was born after doing a lot of research on what type of cloth nappies to use. They received so many positive reviews that we dove in head first with the expensive pack. I did the math a figured that if we used these for three months, then they would be the same price as disposables without filling up the landfill! Well three months in and I will say that I am a HAPPY NAPPY user! The cloths are soft and absorbant and the shells are VERY good at keep in the power poos!In three months, we have offically three accidents on clothes. Can you say that about disposables? I didn’t think so!

    We use about a teaspoon of the Nappy Fresh powdered in about two gallons of water for soaking in between laundry. We do a load of nappies about every other day or two to keep up with the number of nappies we have to keep at daycare and the ones I like to have on hand at home. The powder works AWESOME at keeping the pieces bright white. I do feel like I am doing a lot of laundry, but at least I’m not adding to the landfills with disposables. I usually throw the nappies in with other clothes so it is not as small of a load.

    All in all, I would DEFINATELY recommend these to new parents that want to go with cloth diapers!H20.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Our wee man is a heavy wetter, the cost of disposables was getting too much and we live out of town so we couldnt regularly take them to the tip. Real nappies have brought our costs down, baby is rash-free and we no longer have a stinky rubbish bin full of disposables! Cheers Mirelle.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I knew that I wanted to try to use cloth nappies with my baby. I was doing all my cloth nappy research when my water broke 5 weeks early! So right before heading to the hospital I ordered the birth to potty pack because this system had the best reviews. The nappies arrived soon after we came home from the hospital. Since I was in a rush to use them, I only did two hot water cycles before putting them into circulation. Even with just two hot washes, the nappies were absorbent and had quilted up nicely. I hated the idea of wasting so much hot water for just 1 stage of nappy inserts, so I washed the Newborn and Infant stages together. Good thing too, because my full-sized preemie outgrew the newborn size in about a month. I went to pack away the newborn nappies, when I realized I can use the smaller nappies as a “catch pad”/bib for breastfeeding. I’m currently on the Infant size and I’m using the Crawlers and Toddler sizes as tummy-time drool mats, drool mats for naptime, lap pads, and as changing pad liners. The use as changing pad liner was an epiphany after reading so many bad reviews for changing pad systems that required special liners that ultimately end up rolling and bunching in the wash. I received some name-brand washable lap pads as a gift, and they were really small and only lasted two washes before falling apart because they’re just two pieces of felt glued together; what a waste! These Real Nappies have turned into so much more than just nappies, and this set really is everything you need to nappy your baby!

    Every 2 days I use Charlie’s Soap and the tiniest amount of the Nappy Fresh to wash soiled nappies on a cold water+extra rinse cycle, and then I add all of baby’s clothes and other laundry for a second warm water+extra rinse cycle. Haven’t had any staining or odor issues yet. I only wash the nappy covers if they get pooped on, and air dry the other covers by building and rotating thru all 6 covers in a day.

    My baby hates wet nappies, and will cry the instant his is wet. When you feel the nappy, there’s never any question if it’s wet, versus with disposables we’re always poking the nappy over and over again to figure out if that’s the reason baby’s crying. People have told me the cloth diapers will make potty training easier because baby will know when the nappy is wet, versus with super absorbent nappies, babies tend to sit around in them for longer periods of time. When my baby was sick and having diarrhea, we went 48 hours in disposables, and in that short amount of time he got nappy rash. When we switched back to the nappies, the rash went away. We’ve never had to use nappy cream (why add more chemicals to your baby’s life?).

    These cloth nappies have far better workmanship than other prefolds out there. I wanted a few extra inserts so I bought some prefolds and covers from other companies for comparison. I found that the Real Nappies are a little narrower in the crotch so baby’s legs can be closer together (how is baby supposed to crawl with a huge nappy in the way?) so I joke that they are European cut. The sewing is tidier and doesn’t unravel. For the nappy covers, I love that the fabric is soft and there’s no exposed PUL (other companies have an exposed polyurethane liner, almost like pizza parlor tablecloth, and it tends to get sweatier). We’ve had some close calls, but have not yet had any blow outs (#1 nor #2) even though there are no gussets. The edges of the velcro can be sharp, but aren’t nearly as sharp as other wraps I’ve tried. Keeping the nappy insert pulled all the way to the top edge will help keep the nappy cover from rolling inward and cutting into baby’s belly.

    The one thing I didn’t figure out until later: Since you’re doing cloth nappies, why not do cloth wipes too! They can fit into a nappy warmer or tupperware. Just add water and a few drops of natural wipes solution!

    I’m a first time mum and I’m no crunchy-granola-hippie, I’m really more of a consumer. But I wanted to provide my baby with the healthiest options I could afford. I never planned to “go green” but after trying these nappies, I can see how easy it is to make my household healthier by reducing the amount of chemicals and trying to choose greener products. While the initial investment is upfront, in the long run, I will spend less on nappying my baby. Emily.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I am the mother of a newborn and started using my birth to potty pack several days after she was born. I spent hours researching cloth nappies trying to decide what to invest in, as it is an upfront investment. Based on the other reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy this set. My gamble definitely paid off. I did purchase another six pack of the newborn covers after the first week of use so I could extend my washing cycles. With only six covers, I ran out of clean covers way before I ran out of inserts. Now with 12 covers, I am washing nappies every three days. I use the infant size inserts for EVERYTHING. We lined the bassinet with them, we use them for changing table pads, we constantly carry one around for spit-ups, I even use them for help cleaning extra runny poops – just press to the poopy bottom and it soaks it right up. I also want to share my solution for a nappy pail – I found a six dollar plastic trash can with a tight fitting lid with that clips down at walmart, I think it is about 13 gallons in size. Then I purchased two Planet Wise waterproof diaper bags, the medium size. I line the pail with a bag (shiny side on the inside), throw in dirty inserts ( I recommend shaking them out so they are no longer folded up) and covers in until full. I do not rinse the dirty nappies. Then to wash I take the whole bag out, turn the bag inside out while pushing the contents into our front loading washing machine, throw the bag in after the nappies (make sure the shiny side is outside now, which it will be if you invert the bag), add one scoop of Charlies soap powder and one spoonful of the real nappies sanitizer powder included with the pack, then wash on “cold”,”stain clean”, and “extra rinse”. Everything comes out spic and span. Some slight discoloration has occured on the covers but they are definitely clean. I bet you could bleach them after washing them too. My mum refers to this system as the cadillac version of cloth nappies, as it is so much easier than the cloth nappies she used for me thirty years ago. I still use disposable on the go and at night so she will sleep longer. I plan to continue using disposables when we are running errands or traveling to make life easier. I still reduce my environmental impact in a huge way by using the cloth 80% of the time. Good luck and happy cloth napping! It’s not too hard! Erin.

  8. 5 out of 5


    We used Real Nappies for about 2.5 years with child one and are now 3 month into nappying with them with child two and they are still going strong! We only used 3 out of the 4 sizes (child one never got big enough, before being potty trained, to use the 4th size), and are now on the second size with our second child. The covers and prefolds still look like new, and the velcro is still very strong. We are still thrilled with our purchase and if we had to do it all over again, we would buy these in a heartbeat. We did add some pocket nappies to our stash when our son was about 8 months old, and those were great for when we wanted something a little quicker but didn’t want to do disposable. Real Nappies are the ONLY nappy, disposable or cloth, that we have ever used and not had a blow-out. Even though they don’t have gussets on the leg like many brands do, it has never been an issue and they have actually been even better than all those gusseted brands. My only complaint about the birth to potty pack is that the swim nappy was just too small. Granted, my child was in the 85-95th percentile until 6 months, but this nappy would have only fit him around 3 months probably. As a swim nappy isn’t really an essential thing to have, it’s really a minor point.

    I completely agree with everything the other 5-star reviews have to say. We love these nappies! We are currently moving into the 3rd of the 4 sizes and have never had a problem.
    – We only had to wash them 1-2 times before using
    – They don’t make that plastic swishy sound like some other nappies do
    – The inserts are very multi-purpose and can be used for so much more than nappies
    – We have never run out of nappies (and we only wash every 3rd day)
    – Never had a problem with stains/smells
    – I love having the 4 sizes rather than a one-size-fits-all approach; gives you the best fit
    – They air dry very quickly…especially the covers!
    – You don’t have to fold them onto the baby like some pre-folds recommend – which can get complicated when they get wiggly – just fold them according to the directions, put them in your basket/drawer, and just slip it into the cover when you’re ready to use.
    – And the greatest part – WE HAVE NEVER HAD A BLOW-OUT! We travelled once and used disposables – four different brands and major blow-outs with each. We have never had a blow-out with the real-nappies though.

    We did buy some extra covers for the infant and crawler sizes, as our little one has been having some especially runny poos and 6 covers were just not enough. We have more than enough with 12 though.

    All around this is a fantastic set, and I would recommend it to anyone. Grace.

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