It’s easy to get started with Real Nappies: all you need are covers and inserts.

You can buy covers separately or in cost saving bundles of 6 and inserts come in packs of six.

You can save even more cash by buying our Birth to Potty Pack for all the nappies you will ever need, EVER!

Plus we have a range of other amazing value packs…


Starting from newborn?

Birth to Potty Pack
Do you want to start cloth nappies and your baby is currently in newborn size (approx 2.5 – 6kg) or do you have a baby on the way? Then this is the most economical and convenient pack to buy. Not only does it have enough nappies to use cloth full time but it lasts throughout your babies lifetime in nappies. It even includes nappy sanitiser, night time booster pads, a swim nappy and wet bag to make sure you are well set up!

Want to use cloth full time?
Essential Bundle Deal
The Essentials Bundle Deal is excellent if you want to use cloth nappies full time with one baby or if you want to get multiple sizes in a convenient pack. With all of our packs you can mix and match colours but this is the only pack that you can choose your mix of sizes!
7x Snug Wrap Covers
24x cloth inserts
2x rolls of 100 liners

Want to use cloth part time?
Essentials Pack
The Essentials Pack will allow you to comfortably use cloth nappies part time with one baby. Maybe you plan to only use them at home, you want to try out our system or you want to add Real Nappies to your existing cloth nappy stash. Then this is the pack for you!
3x Snug Wrap Covers
12x cloth inserts
1x roll of 100 liners

Want to add to your stash?
Top Up Pack
The Top Up Pack is a great way to either trial our system or add to your existing stash of cloth nappies. Maybe you want to extend the time between washes or use our system mixed with others. Then this is a good start. *Note this pack does not come with bioliners.
2x Snug Wrap Covers
6x cloth inserts

Tip: you can mix and match sizes or colours for no extra charge!