Real Nappies, the online leader in reusable nappies for over 13 years.

We are still a small family-run business run from Auckland, New Zealand, and if you have had any dealings with us, you will know that we always put our customer first. Although we are small we back our products 100% , which is why we are the only cloth nappy company in the world that guarantees our nappies to last through 2 babies, this means that if your nappy inserts or covers fail we replace them* .

Real Nappies gives back

We are thrilled to support many charities annually, including The Small Things Charity, that helped get our nappies to an orphanage in Tanzania, ‘Spinning Top: giving balance to vulnerable children, Special Children’s Christmas party and Westpac Helicopter to name a few.

Real Nappies Owners

Having experienced cloth nappies whilst living in the UK, the owners, Liz and John, wanted to bring them to New Zealand. Frustrated that reusable nappies were not readily available in New Zealand the concerned parents went about creating their own, focusing on a simple, pure and easy cloth nappy system that works. Thirteen years and many awards later, Real Nappies is available around the globe.

Liz  – Born in the UK, Liz originally entered into the corporate world of City Merchant Banking. Leaving to have children, Liz then became a full time mum to Emily and Joe and 12 years later on, Jamie. On moving to New Zealand in 2003, Liz and John, frustrated at the little choice in cloth nappies, designed and developed their own solution, thus Real Nappies was born. Real Nappies have won many awards, are used in hospitals and Daycares in NZ, and are now sold all over the world.
John  – Born in the UK, John is a Professional Tennis Coach by trade and coached throughout the UK at schools and clubs. On moving to New Zealand in 2003 he continued his career for a short time until Real Nappies required his help on a more constant basis, and he gave up coaching to work on Real Nappies full time in 2011.