Want a H.U.G?

A hug is an expression of warmth and friendliness


What are you talking about?

We affectionately refer to our Helpful User Guide as a H.U.G, but we think it’s so much more than that….

Why do you call it a H.U.G?

A hug is a really nice thing to give or receive however old or young we are, and I think we all deserve one, so yes give yourself a hug for being a great mum or dad, caregiver, auntie, grandparent, brother, sister or whoever you are.  Let’s face it parenting is the hardest job on the planet, but also we think, the most rewarding.  Why not go and hug someone right now, I bet you’ll feel so much better : )

Plus if you are a Real Nappies user or soon will be give yourself an extra big hug, we would love to come and give you a big hug ourselves but unfortunately we can’t so we have affectionately called our Helpful User Guide a H.U.G. 

A H.UG is being sent your way

So each time you see our guide you know a hug has been sent your way because we think being a parent or caregiver requires somone who’s a very special person and if you are looking at this page I would say you are that very special person    : ), so here’s a H.U.G from all the team at Real Nappies…

Download our Helpful User Guide here

parents guide to modern reusable nappies  and page 2 here