For those of you that know us or have dealt with us already, you know how much we care.

For those of you that are doing some internet research and do not know who we are yet, we thought we’d put down our values in a list so you can get an insight into the sort of company we are.
Actually our then 12 year old daughter wrote this list for us as part of a homework piece but we loved it so much we have added it to our site, thanks Ems! : )

Customers first We understand our customer inside out and if we don’t we will go that extra mile to find out.

It’s all about family – Family first, no matter what.

Helping others in need – We support around 10 charities a year.

We’re flexible – If a job needs doing we’ll work as a team, if an order needs to be adapted to suit your needs better, no problem, we’ll do it.

No Rule BookBecause there is no rule book with kids or life: it happens so lets work with it.

UnderstandingWe understand. We are all parents ourselves.

We careWe know you are sensitive about what your baby is exposed to and goes on your babies skin. So are we. We offer the best quality product we can and will pay extra and search harder to get it.

PromiseWe keep our promises. We know you care about your baby. We do too.

PassionateEvery person who works at Real Nappies has used Real Nappies on their own children. If we wouldn’t use them with our own kids then we wouldn’t sell them to you. We are here because we believe and feel passionate about all our baby products, and why don’t we sell we any other cloth nappy? Because Real Nappies is the only one we believe in.

Ethical – We only sell products that we know are ethically produced. For Real Nappies we visit our factories personally to ensure that it is a good environment for our employees to work in, so they can produce the best product possible.

TestedWe send all our products for testing and quality control. Our cotton nappies are Oeko Tex certified and all our products that we sell through our site have been tested and meet and exceed CPSIA standards.

So that’s us, hope you enjoy all our products as much as we enjoy them.

It’s easy to sell what you believe in : )

From all the team at Real Nappies x