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Snug Wrap (6 pack) Mix & Match sizes & Colours!

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perfectly sized

Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.



the ultimate nappy cover for all prefold nappies.

  • Made from a water absorbent PUL fabric to remove moisture and keep baby drier, and can be worn several times before needing to be laundered.
  • Soft, elastic leg binding contains mess and prevents leaks and adjustable velcro waist tabs ensure a snug fit.
  • The Real Nappies Newborn Snug Wrap Cover is suitable for babies in a choice of 4 sizes from Newborn 2.5-6kg, Infant 5-9kg, Crawler 8-14kg to Toddler 14-18+kg.
  • New Zealand’s #1 cloth nappy, the choice of maternity hospitals and the only reusable cloth nappy brand to be sold in supermarkets.



Get into Real Nappies with these Snug Wraps, amazing value for a pack of 6

Fall in love with our gorgeous Snug Wraps, choose your size, add your colour in divine blue, white, red, bold black, pastel green, bright orange or pink, add a cotton insert (sold separately) and you’re all set!  (PLEASE NOTE: we do our best to supply the colours you request but these can not be guaranteed)

PLUS now you can mix and match your sizes for one amazing price!


use. reuse. use. reuse. use. reuse …..

Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.  Keep 6-8 wraps on hand for full-time use.  Use with our washable cotton inserts (sold separately).


The gentle stretch in our Snug Wraps means more comfort for baby.  The super waterproof covers teamed with divinely soft 100% cotton inserts (sold separately) are the perfect nappy solution.  Elastic inside binding around the legs prevents leaking and blowouts.  Made with 2 layers of PUL for ultimate comfort, durability and protection.

Added convenience and less laundry

At change time, change the cotton insert but keep using the same cover until soiled or wet.  Less laundry, less cost. nappy system Just the right size.

The Real Nappies system has been designed to allow for a smooth transition from size to size, so as your baby grows, simply purchase the next size up and you’re all set. sizing real nappies built to last

Real Nappies uses premium quality fabrics in all our Award-winning products, meaning superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.  We stand by all our products which is why we back them with a unique 2-child guarantee.

contents and care

Snug Wraps are made of 2 layers of PUL sandwiched together.  Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry. Close tabs before washing.  Do not soak covers.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

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7 reviews for Snug Wrap (6 pack) Mix & Match sizes & Colours!

  1. 4 out of 5

    I am a new mum with a 7 week old. I’ve been using the real nappies for a few weeks now and I love them. I haven’t tried any other brand. I decides on these from the reviews and they are dead on. I wouldn’t waste the money trying something sufferer cuz these work wonderfully. I have the 18 newborn size cloth diapers, 3 NB outer shell, and 6 3-6 month outer shell. Granted those are big but babies aren’t small forever, so I figured it was a better deal. I do laundry every other day.
    now, nothing is perfect. Id say they leak from the sides just like disposable nappies (unless you really make the nappy tight around the legs which I find mean to do). However, I haven’t have a problem with the poo up the back with the cloth nappies, thank goodness!
    I definitely recommend these to others. Emily.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I bought a ton of “one size fits all” nappies before my baby was born. I quickly realized nothing worked better for her than pre-folds with these nappy covers from newborn to 3 months. I exclusively used these covers for her first 3 months until she outgrew them. I can’t say enough how much I loved these covers! They contained all of that newborn liquidy poop really well with no accidents. Now that her poop is more solid I don’t have as much of a need for pre-folds, but I would encourage all parents of newborns to go with pre-folds and these covers.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Thankyou!Loving the nappies we just got onto them.The best reusable weve ever had!awesome


  4. 5 out of 5

    We were all prepared with another type of cloth nappy and inserts when our baby arrived 6 weeks early… I did a quick round of research for cloth nappies that would fit him and found Real Nappies. Since they are used in hospitals, I figured that they must be convenient to use and clean. (they are!)

    Our son was 3.5 weeks old, 6.5lbs, and 20″ long when we brought him home and started using these nappies. We lined them with prefolds, and they worked great. They fit him well and would also fit a slightly smaller baby. I don’t remember any leaks. The adjustable closures were very convenient, and the nappies were easy to use for us first-time parents. 🙂 Our son wore these until he was over 8lb, and they probably would have worked until he was close to 10lb. Beck.

  5. 4 out of 5

    These are really nice covers, and the price was amazing, so with twins I couldn’t pass it up. You can use these for a couple of nappy changes, I was expecting shiney sided pul on the inside of the covers but I think it is a sandwiched PUL with fabric on both sides. That being said, it stays dry after a wet nappy. It takes alot to saturate the fabric. They seem to breath nice. This is a tri-folded prefold system so it is a little bit bulky, but the covers are made roomy, they also work great with my homemade fitteds, and Thirsties fab-fitteds. Leg gussets would be a nice addition, but we have had very few leaks and they were probably our fault anyway. You just have to make sure the velcro is nice and snug.

    The only con I found about these covers is that the laundry tab is a little too small and placed too close to the velcro tab itself. Not a major issue, you just have to be very deliberate in the way you place them so other laundry doesn’t get stuck to the velcro, this would not stop me from purchasing them again. Also, the velcro is what I believe is called industrial velcro and is much stiffer and easier for toddlers to undo by themselves, but we haven’t had a problem as long as I keep pants or shorts on them, you wouldn’t have this problem with this with less mobile and coordinated babies. An option for snaps would be nice. Those are the only reasons I gave it 4 stars. I will definetly be buying all my friends with new babies the Real Nappies pack to get them hooked on CDing if I can. TwinMama.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Very pleased with Real Nappies. Purchased the Snug Wraps, Cloth Inserts and Flushable Liners as a complete system. After crunching numbers/comparing products, Nappies were the best choice for price, quality, and longevity. The Snug Wraps are silky soft and constructed very well. The Velcro is heavy duty and never worry about it wearing out over time. The elastic gathering for the legs and top back of the cover have a lot of give yet fit very snug. I really like how versatile the sizing is so baby has lots of time to grow before having to upgrade to the larger sizes. The cloth inserts fit very well into the inside pocket and putting the nappy together takes just a few seconds. The Wrap feels a bit heavier that disposable diapers with the Cloth Insert in it, but I like it because I feel the baby is getting really good coverage and padding. The tags seem ginormous, but they do not get in the way. We wash every other day and do not use a wet pail. The laundry time is really not the inconvenience that some may believe. We use plastic grocery bags to put the soiled Cloth Inserts and/or Wraps in when we are away from home(and still recycle most of those bags if they are not too dirty). I am very glad to have purchased the Real Nappies system – not only to save tons of money, but reducing lots of potential waste in landfills! JLV.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I had given up on the idea of cloth nappying my newborn, but immediately got sick of all of the disposables I was wasting money on. However, my “one size” nappies were way too big. I found these, and decided to give them a go. My baby is just now growing out of them at almost 13 pounds (3 1/2 months), and I am sad to have to move into my already-purchased larger size nappies. These nappies never seemed to get damp from the inserts/prefolds, they didn’t stain, the insides aren’t the plasticy-type material you get with most nappy covers, and my baby never had a blowout out the tops. However, I really wish they had leg gussets…as leaking occasionally occurred (but not often). If they made them with leg gussets, I think they would be pretty close to the perfect nappy at the perfect price (I’d even pay a bit more for the gussets!). I suppose leaking could have been averted if I used prefolds with a snappy…but I folded them into simple “inserts” instead…and they weren’t secured tightly around the baby’s legs. I will definitely be using these for the next baby! Abe.

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