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perfectly sized

Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.


the ultimate nappy cover for all prefold nappies.

  • Made from a water absorbent PUL fabric to remove moisture and keep baby drier, and can be worn several times before needing to be laundered.
  • Soft, elastic leg binding contains mess and prevents leaks and adjustable velcro waist tabs ensure a snug fit.
  • The Real Nappies Newborn Snug Wrap Cover is suitable for babies in a choice of 4 sizes from Newborn 2.5-6kg, Infant 5-9kg, Crawler 8-14kg to Toddler 14-18+kg.
  • New Zealand’s #1 cloth nappy, the choice of maternity hospitals and the only reusable cloth nappy brand to be sold in supermarkets.


Get into Real Nappies with these snug and super waterproof covers

Fall in love with our gorgeous Snug Wraps, choose your size, add your colour in seaside blue, original white, raspberry red or bubblegum pink, add a cotton insert (sold separately) and you’re all set!


use. reuse. use. reuse. use. reuse …..

Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.  Keep 6-8 wraps on hand for full-time use.  Use with our washable cotton inserts (sold separately).


The gentle stretch in our Snug Wraps means more comfort for baby.  The super waterproof covers teamed with divinely soft 100% cotton inserts (sold separately) are the perfect nappy solution.  Elastic inside binding around the legs prevents leaking and blowouts.  Made with 2 layers of PUL for ultimate comfort, durability and protection.

Added convenience and less laundry

At change time, change the cotton insert but keep using the same cover until soiled or wet.  Less laundry, less cost.

nappy system

Just the right size.

The Real Nappies system has been designed to allow for a smooth transition from size to size, so as your baby grows, simply purchase the next size up and you’re all set.

sizing real nappies

built to last

Real Nappies uses premium quality fabrics in all our Award-winning products, meaning superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.  We stand by all our products which is why we back them with a unique 2-child guarantee.

contents and care

Snug Wraps are made of 2 layers of PUL sandwiched together.  Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry. Close tabs before washing.  Do not soak covers.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


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2 reviews for Snug Wrap Raspberry Red

  1. 5 out of 5

    These little nappy covers are well-made, sturdy, and attractive. The design used to make the velcro-style closure tabs is ingenious. They are double sided, so one will stick to the other if you need to overlap them for a better fit on a smaller baby! I absolutely love these!!!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I just love these covers.

    For my daughter’s first 6 months we used higher-priced single-sold covers from other companies (Thirsties, Bummis,etc) . They were about $20-35 per cover and none of them fit as well, fastened as well or lasted as long as these do. The more expensive ones leaked in some cases and, for some of them, their velcro gave out after a short amount of time.

    When I had to replace all of her other covers either because she sized-up or because they had lost their shape or ability to stay fastened, I decided to just try these Real Nappies Snug Wraps because of the price. I didn’t expect much, but thought they’d at least be good back-ups and assumed I’d have to buy some more expensive ones to use as my primary covers. Well…. there was no need to go buy any other covers. Ever. These are the BEST! I use them all of the time and they are the best both for her comfort while she zips around in the daytime and for her heavy wetting nights. I have never had a leak or a blow-out and they work GREAT with all of my prefolds. When I run out of these, it is time to do a load of diapers, even if I have a pile of other covers ready to go. We only like to use these now.

    I have invested a lot of time and money into researching and purchasing cloth nappy supplies and I am very happy with these. I only wish I had started with these instead of the more expensive single covers.

    I am back to buy more now, as she is sizing-up again. I am so glad that I found these. It really saves me a lot of money. The cost of the covers themselves is about half of what I had been spending, I don’t have to replace them before she outgrows them (like I did with other brands) and I have to do less laundry because the covers don’t get as wet and soiled as my others did – they contain the prefold better – so I can re-use them more before washing.

    If you are cloth nappying – and using prefolds – I highly recommend these covers.

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