Top Up Pack (Any Colour)

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want to test the waters, before diving in?

This is the ideal pack for you, Two covers in any combination of blue, pink, red, green, orange, black or white plus a pack of six nappy inserts.




If you’ve been waiting for a opportunity to try cloth nappies, here’s your chance.  Pick 2 covers in any combination of red, pink, blue or white, add in your size of 6 nappy inserts and you’re all set to give Real Nappies a go on your baby boy or girl. (PLEASE NOTE: we do our best to supply the colours you request but these can not be guaranteed)

You’ll love them

We’re sure you’ll love them, so when you come back to buy more, we recommend 6 covers and 18-24 inserts for full-time use.

The top up pack includes:

  • Cloth Nappy Inserts: 6 in any size.  Perfectly sized for brand new babies, through to busy toddlers, our wraps are snug and soft allowing tiny to toddler legs to move about with comfort.
  • Real Snug Wraps: 2 in any size.  Super soft, breathable and divinely soft.  You will fall in love with our 100% cotton prefolds, soft and snug for a newborn to soft and super absorbent for a toddler.
  • Helpful User Guide x 1.  In need of a H.U.G?  We’ve got one all wrapped up in this delightful user guide.
  • Backed by our unique 2-child guarantee
Amazing deal at over 20% off the total retail value.

Want less washing?

If you like to extend the number of days in-between washing your nappies, try the Essentials packs it’s a great addition to your stash and can add an extra 2 days to your schedule.

What goes in what?

Use our cotton nappy inserts inside the Snug wrap.  When wet or soiled, remove the cotton insert and pop in a new insert for a fresh change.  Use the same Snug Wrap though multiple changes.  You only need to change the outer cover when it is wet or soiled.

nappy system


The gentle stretch in our Snug Wraps means more comfort for baby.  The super waterproof covers teamed with divinely soft 100% cotton inserts are the perfect nappy solution.   Our fully breathable inserts are super absorbent plus no chemicals means less nappy rash for baby.

Just the right size.

The Real Nappies system has been designed to allow for a smooth transition from size to size, so as your baby grows, simply purchase the next size up and you’re all set.

sizing real nappies

built to last

Real Nappies uses premium quality fabrics in all our Award-winning products, meaning superior softness, absorbency and durability wash after wash.  We stand by all our products which is why we back them with a unique 2-child guarantee.

contents and care

Real Nappies prefold inserts are made of 100% cotton, our waterproof covers are made of 2 layers of PUL sandwiched together.  Machine wash cold or warm, machine or line dry. Close tabs before washing.  Do not soak covers.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

great to give or receive

Real Nappies Top-Up Packs come packed in attractive gift box packaging and are great to give or receive.


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4 reviews for Top Up Pack (Any Colour)

  1. 5 out of 5

    I just did that fold (a few times against the line – with out halfing it first and it fits perfect! I think ill grab some more! Expect another order soon:) I’m de-stashing all itti bittis now! These are WAY better! I wish I knew before going through all the other types of nappies!!! Spread the word I say! Leah.

  2. 5 out of 5

    These are great, I do wish the prefolds were a bit smaller they are bulky on my 6lb 1 oz 18 in baby boy. They have not leaked once! They have washed well & not stained. If you have a larger baby you will probably need the next size up covers but the prefolds will still be perfect. I am very happy with my purchase & will be buying more of the next size, I wish I had found them sooner in my stash building process. Rose.

  3. 5 out of 5

    These quilted up well and have a little bit tighter elastic in the legs than our last batch from Real Nappies.
    I recommend these nappies to everyone I know who has or is considering having children.
    They are affordable, economical, more or less eco friendly (compared to any sort of disposable), simple to use, simple to clean, and wash up well also. Additionally, we have had nothing less than stellar customer service experiences with Real Nappies. I really believe that they stand behind their product and will fully back the two child guarantee.

    awesome awesome awesome. Jenn.

  4. 5 out of 5

    These are some of the best covers out there. They are soft and stretchy and leak proof. While there are a lot of different brands out there, the makers really went out of their way to ensure that these covers are functionable. The covers offer a comfortable fit for my son w a soft elastic around the waist and legs (He never gets red marks that some covers can leave.) Size wise they are stretchy enough to get a good fit when baby is on the small size to when baby is outgrowing the current size. The velcro is even soft on the chance that it comes in contact w baby’s skin (my son is on the large size and is out growing the 3-6m size). Covers are also very leak proof. Its very easy to get a tight fit, and unlike some covers, moisture does not seep through the actual cover. (Of course, if you have a heavy wetter, it will occasionally leak….but I have yet to find ANY nappy (cloth or disposable) that doesn’t leak overnight….we go through a lot of sheet changes) Highly recomend this brand to anyone. Side bonus is that they are VERY affordable….so long as you don’t mind white. Natalie.

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