We get that every one has their reasons for the nappy choice they make, but rest assured if you decide to go cloth you won’t ever look back and here’s why:

money Money Savings

Who doesn’t like to save money? By using cloth nappies you can save over $4,000* per baby compared to the cost of disposables.

Convince me…

Ok so, lets think about it, your beautiful little bundle of joy will end up going through aprox 6,500 nappies over the course of the time they are in nappies: 10-12 a day at newborn stage and around 6 a day as they get older. This is regardless of whether they are in disposables or cloth.

Now on average a disposable nappy will cost you $0.39 – $0.89 each (depending on brand and size of nappy).

$0.39 x 6500 changes = $2,535 (based on cheapest, own brand nappies available)

$0.89 x 6500 changes = $5,785 (based on top quality brands)

Real Nappies – $599 (Birth to Potty Pack) + $350 (aprox washing costs) = $949 (Plus our nappies are guaranteed to last 2 babies!)

SAVINGS: $5,785 (disposable nappies) – $949 = $1,586 – $4,836 Saved Per Child!

environment Environment

What a load of rubbish! well er, yes, your little bundle of joy will get through around 6,500 nappies in it’s nappy years, that’s about 1 tonne of rubbish, and guess where that gets dumped!
Plus each nappy takes about 500+ years* to decompose : (
That means that EVERY SINGLE disposable nappy ever used is still around!!

health Chemical Free

We all want a chemical free lifestyle for our babies’ to grow up in, Real Nappies are naturally the best, using 100% cotton inserts and PUL nappy covers, it’s the easy way for busy parents to stay eco-savvy.


*Thanks to our friends at Zerowaste for the facts and figures. You can view more here: http://www.zerowaste.co.nz/types-of-waste/nappies/